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- License as a Service -

Visualize the market value and distribution status of licenses across borders in real-time to maximize your trading values.

Creating something “from 0 to 1” is not something anyone can do. It is also heavily influenced by capital, environment and many restrictions.
In addition, nobody understands the value, and many businesses often end without reaching “1”.

License is an artifact that can be used to overcome your pain of the first birth. Even if you cannot create “from 0 to 1”, you can use “1” to create new things.

The current licensing business still has high barriers to entry, and it cannot be said that people who want to use licenses can use it sufficiently. It can also be said that it is difficult for those who want to provide licenses to provide them properly.

We eliminate barriers to the licensing business, make it easy for people who are good at “1 to 10” and “10 to 100” to use licenses. At the same time we provide an environment where it is easy to create “from 0 to 1” and distribute great values across borders.


Features of our services

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    Provision of licenses to a wider area

    There are consumers all over the world who want the value you make. LaaS-X provides services for domestic/international licensors and licensees with consideration of global expansion from the beginning.

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    Test sales scheme

    No matter how good your product is, there is no mistake if you can confirm the consumer needs in the very early stage. LaaS-X provides a scheme that allows licensors and licensees to test and sell at low risk prior to the license agreement.

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    Security deposit reduction scheme

    If you want to use a license but need a large deposit, it will hinder your business. LaaS-X provides a scheme that allows licensees to reduce the security deposit at the time of licensing.


Benefits of doing license business

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    Competitive advantage through license utilization / acquisition

    By doing business with popular brand licensors, it will be possible to commercialize and acquire exclusive sales rights, which will enable you to differentiate from competitors and establish a superior position.

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    Market development through licensing

    With the support of ambitious licensees, you can enter new markets and deliver your brand to consumers without the cost of specific field research and localization.

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    Brand value increase through collaboration

    By collaborating with other brands, you can capture the brand value of the other brand and increase your own brand value.


We are looking for a business partner.

Delivering valuable and innovative services to the world is not easy. We always pursue what we want to deliver and what kind of relationship we want to build, and enhance brand value.
If you feel sympathy with the vision we are trying to make, please let us know.
We need the cooperation of licensors and licensees who want to take on big challenges.